Monday, October 15, 2012

Money and His Goodness

The thought of adding a new child into our family is overwhelming, as I'm sure it is for any family deciding to expand. How can I love a child as much as I love the one we have now? How will I handle a change in our routine? How will our family dynamics change? How will our sleeping (or lack thereof) change? How will we overcome the huge financial hurdle?

It's overwhelming. I think what it all boils down to is this question: "how much do I trust God to work through people?" 

It's crazy to think that right now, our paperwork is sitting on someone's desk in Russia, who is looking over our information and deciding which child will be ours. That is scary. So I pray, "Lord, work through people. Give them Your wisdom." As I pray, I picture God lifting the hands of a Russian official and perfectly joining a child's face with our family's paperwork. How much do I trust God to work through people?

As for the financial component of this adoption, I have to believe that the same God who can perfectly pair us with our daughter can perfectly provide for our monetary needs. And as I think about story after story of people who have given money towards our adoption, I am truly blown away by how many have done so as a response to a direct prompting  from God.

A few days ago I received a facebook message from a friend who shared with me that she and her husband are thinking about adoption for themselves. She hosted a small yard sale, thinking it would be a good idea to start a new savings account for this idea of adoption. 

She went on a run and said it was as if God was speaking to her saying, "give the money to the Garcia's adoption." She said there had been very few times in her life where she felt such a clear, direct and specific request from God. She spoke back to him, "But God, it's not as if I'm using this money for shoes or starbucks or new clothes!! I'm using it for saving an orphan! Isn't that what you want?" Again, it was as if God said to her, "give it to the Garcia's. I have other plans for you." She and her husband prayed over it and decided to give us the money. And with the money, they gave us their story of obedience, a story that reminds us that He is working specifically and uniquely in people to help bring our daughter home.

This past weekend, Steve was at a conference hosted by our church. As he was walking through the hallways, a girl approached him. She was one of our former high school students who is now in college. We don't see her often, but when we do, she is always a joy to be around. 

She ran up to Steve and with a huge smile of disbelief she said, "I can't believe I ran into you!! I have money for you!" She went on to say that she had been feeling like God wanted her to give towards our adoption but she didn't know how or when. She kind of just brushed it off, but before she came to the conference, she felt a strong stirring in her heart to stop by the bank and take out some cash. She prayed that God would lead her to see Steve in person that night as a confirmation. Sure enough, he was walking out just as she was walking in. With tears in her eyes, she graciously handed Steve a wad of cash. And once again, we got to step into someone else's story of obedience.

These are just 2 recent stories, but there are many more. Although this process can be overwhelming, God continues to show me that He is faithful and that He will use people to meet our needs. 

Though it is never easy to ask for or accept money, God is doing more than just giving us money for our adoption. He is giving us stories. Not only are we blessed and deeply encouraged, but I believe those who are responding to the stirrings of God in their hearts are also getting a glimpse into the intense blessing of obedience. 

I love that my friend got to experience such a close movement of God. I love that this college student got to watch God answer a specific prayer right  before her eyes. I am so grateful for all of those who have joined with us in this journey. I am grateful for the money, but I am just as grateful that God is up to something bigger and He is using others to tell stories of His goodness. 

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  • for our little girl, that she would be uniquely loved and cared for, and that she would be in a warm place as we approach the cold season.
  • for wisdom for the Russian officials and our agency as they place our daughter with us.
  • for our continued fundraising - that God would continue to stir in the hearts of people to give
Until next Monday, love, Kate, Steve & Dima.

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