Monday, July 16, 2012


We just returned home from a wonderful few days in North Carolina. I was born and raised there, and my family all lives there too. So, when we go to North Carolina, it is a fun, wild time of juggling visits with grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, & old friends as well as having adventures like trips to the beach, ice cream shops, swimming pools and playgrounds.

For the past 6 summers Steve has gone on overseas missions trips. The last 2 years since Dima has been home, I've been unable to go overseas with Steve, so Dima and I have gone to North Carolina while Steve was gone. This summer was different, we all served together on a mission trip to Chicago, then we all got to go to North Carolina. So, this was the first year that Steve has gotten to experience fireworks on the 4th of July with Dima, the first time he has been to the ocean with Dima (boogy boarding, shell collecting, and sand playing), the first Britts doughnut together, and the first double ferris wheel ride. It was such a great time.

Many moments through the vacation, we found ourselves just watching Dima enjoying life and wondering..."where would he be if our lives had not intersected?" I try not to allow my mind to write "what if" stories. Sometimes I have to be ok with not knowing. I don't know where Dima's life would be if God hadn't brought us together. I don't know where my life would be if God had not placed Dima into our family. But, it was interesting because many times over those few days in North Carolina, my parents and Steve's parents would both tear up and say, "don't you just wonder...?"

My mind often goes to that picture that was taken of him in the orphanage...sitting at a little table alone by the window awaiting lunch. I wonder if he would look out the window and ponder in his "figuring out" little brain if there was more to life than those 4 walls of the orphanage. I wonder if he would look out the window and see a car passing by...would his curious little mind try and figure out what it was doing and where it was going and why he never got to ride in cars? I don't know.

But, what I do know is that on the first week of July in 2012, Dima, our adventurous, hilarious, creative son was soaking up every moment of life. For those who know him, you know that he is truly a lover of life. Everything excites him - gifts, yummy food, new experiences, risky adventures, riding scooters, time with family, play dates with friends. He really just loves it all.

And sometimes I just wonder about this sweet little girl that, Lord willing, will some day join our family too. Is she born yet? Where is she? What is she doing? Is she looking out a window? What is her personality? Will she be adventurous like her big brother or will she be more timid? Is she wondering?...

Mondays are Steve's day off and today we spent the entire morning and afternoon filling out paperwork for our adoption. We completed forms, got our fingerprints done, got documents notarized, made doctor appointments, even lined up a fire inspection. As Steve and I were knee deep in all of this, Dima was writing furiously on a piece of paper.

"Dima, what are you doing?"
"I am working on our paper work to bring my sister home."
"What does it say?"
"It says, we're adoppin' a little sister. She needs to get home quick!"

Yes she does, sweet boy. Yes she does.
May God answer the simple cry of a child - "Lord, bring her home quick!"


  • Many of you are asking, "what is our timeline?" Our hope is to be finished with all of the paperwork by the end of July. Once our completed home study gets sent to the US government and we will be "officially" accepted to move forward with our adoption. So, it seems like we have about 2 more months or so of paperwork and then the waiting begins :) 
  • Also, many people have been approaching us with some great fundraising ideas. We are thankful for each and every one. And I will be sure to update the blog when fundraising opportunities come about. So exciting!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our little girl: that she would be loved and cared for uniquely and specially by someone. That her little heart would already begin to be prepared for us
  • For all of the details: I am quickly learning that keeping things organized and on track this time around is much more difficult with a 5 year old in tow (the positive side is that in just this week, he will get to have a fireman in his house and visit a police station :))
  • For the finances: That God would stir in the hearts of people to give and that people would respond to the stirring. The financial mountain is a huge one and we absolutely cannot do this without the support of others!
Until next Monday, love Kate, Steve & Dima.

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  1. I am so excited to follow along on your second adoption story. It's great that you consistently post an update on Mondays. That's awesome. I was already looking forward to reading your blog post on the weekend! (Just didn't have time to comment last night).
    It really is amazing to think of what could have been.... Just like in the song that's in your video, I believe that in this imperfect world of our, God makes beautiful things, and writes beautiful stories.